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Tour Options

Our goal is to provide affordable options to authors and publishers, while also providing creative touring, aiding you in getting the best exposure to build your fan base. Feel free to ask us questions via email or have us put together a customized tour package that fits your needs.


Please add us to your email contacts so that you don't miss our emails! We don't want to end up in your junk/spam folder or get bounced back unknowningly (all email providers do not send notifications if our emails don't reach you).

Payment will be required in full via PayPal (email will come from Laura) when the tour is filled prior to the first day of the tour. If a payment plan is preferred, we can bill at Sign-up, Launch, and Grand Finale, by request.

If you've toured with us before, you receive a 15% loyalty discount on all services.

Themed Tours
(Prism Book Tours' specialty)
2 weeks - $135
1 week - $90

All THEMED TOURS include: Tour Banner, Tour Launch, Tour Stops (includes reviews, guest posts, interviews, and excerpts), Tour-wide Giveaway and a Grand Finale Blitz. Tour stops are limited to four per day of the tour. Tour stop days are Mondays through Fridays with the Grand Finale Blitz on Saturdays. Tours should be scheduled two to four months in advance, particularly if reviews are included.
Some examples: Scavenger Hunt, Daily Giveaways, Related Highlighted Themes, Inter-Linking Guest Posts, and more. (Check out past tours by clicking on the banners in our sidebar. They link to past Grand Finales!)
We customize the content of each tour by working with the author. The more reviewers wanted on the tour, the earlier it needs to be announced for readers to plan their schedules. Most themed tours need to be planned 2 months in advance for these reasons!

Author/Publisher provides:
- Tour-wide giveaway (books or ebooks recommended, swag packs and Amazon gift cards are also good options)
- Review copies (ebook and/or print)
- Content for the tour (excerpts, guest posts, and interviews from our bloggers)
- Additional special requests

Prism Book Tours provides:
- Tour banner
Launch posts on Prism, Colorimetry & Wishful Endings
- Organization of tour stops and blogger sign-ups
- Creating the Rafflecopter Giveaway with author & publisher social media & requests
- Follow up on each post daily and share on social media
- A Grand Finale Blitz post highlighting each stop on the tour with direct links and content quotes shared with our bloggers for them to share on their sites. Ten or more bloggers (those on and off the tour) usually share our Grand Finales.

Review/Excerpt Tours
2 weeks - $110
1 week - $75

This is a basic non-themed tour. Includes the same as a themed tour, except no guest posts or interviews. It can include only reviews, only excerpts or reviews and excerpts. Tour stops are limited to four per day of the tour. Tour stop days are Mondays through Fridays with the Grand Finale Blitz on Saturdays.
- Includes a Tour Launch, Tour Stops (excerpts and/or reviews), and a Grand Finale
- Author/publisher provides the review copies (print and/or ebook) and excerpts, if applicable 
- Tour-wide giveaway provided by the author/publisher.
- Can omit the Grand Finale Blitz for less, as requested. 

$30/Day Prism Tour
(Prism Book Tours' specialty)
3 Day Minimum, 12 day Maximum. 1 Author/Book per Day.

Each author gets ONE day on the tour, so the days it runs depends on the number of authors participating. Authors should gather authors who write in a similar genre to join the tour with them. The tour is "full" when we have at least three participants. We then set the dates for the tour based on your schedule and preference.

There are two options for tour stops for these tours:
- We enlist one blog of 1,000+ followers to post one post on one day
- We allow multiple bloggers with no specific following count share (like a blitz each day)

Both types include a GRAND FINALE BLITZ - a summary post including your book, author & post info shared with our network. We guarantee at least 10 bloggers will post the Grand Finale Blitz with us - usually for a follow spot on the Rafflecopter giveaway.

Each participating author contributes:
    - $30 for their one post on one day of the tour
    - $5 to $20 towards an Amazon gift card or PayPal cash for a joint giveaway
    - A book and/or swag toward the joint giveaway
    - Content for their one post (book and author info as well as an excerpt or other content)

$50 Cover Reveal

Create hype for your book! It allows bloggers and readers to add your book to their wish lists and TBR piles so that they begin anticipating it’s release. 

Information included in a COVER REVEAL: 
- The cover, book information, series information (if applicable), and author information. 
- Goodreads links and buy links, if available. 
- We schedule 10+ blogs to post the cover reveal and allow others to share it while the giveaway is open. They receive a follow spot on the Rafflecopter giveaway for doing so.
- Recommended – $15-$50 Gift Card giveaway provided by author/publisher. 

$50 Flash Book Blitz!

This is generally a SPONTANEOUS promotion that we share without warning or announcement. We work with you, the author/publisher, to create a post and then deliver in html format for Blogger and Wordpress for spontaneous posting everywhere. We guarantee at least 10 bloggers posting. You can follow all the bloggers who post by watching the Rafflecopter giveaway grow with their follow links over the time of the giveaway!

When considering Giveaway prizes... $25-$50-$100 Gift Cards will BOOST your social media and followers and give your BLITZ wider reach faster. eBooks or print copies or swag draw interested readers. Let us know what you hope to accomplish and we can help put together an effective giveaway bundle.

$90 3-day Blitz

- We announce the BLITZ on Prism Book Tours, Colorimetry, and Wishful Endings to additionally advertise and find fans or interested bloggers that are not already connected to our network.
- Author/Publisher creates three posts to unveil, reveal, or highlight and provides a giveaway ($50-$100 gift card and/or other items recommended. See Flash Book Blitz for ideas). 
- We post each of the posts + giveaway on Prism, Colorimetry, and Wishful Endings
- AND we email everyone in our network and share the html for all three posts for others to repost on their blogs/websites over the time the giveaway is open.

Like the Book Blitz. Only BIGGER. :-D

$50 Review Requests

We have a review list (includes bloggers and non-bloggers) who are interested in reviewing Christian fiction, childrens, middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction titles. Those who are interested sign up to review, receiving a review copy (ebook or print) in exchange for posting an honest review to Goodreads and retail sites.

Reviewers are generally given 60 days to review and are asked to leave links to their posted online review(s) in a Google form. We follow up with reviewers if we haven’t received their review link(s) and also send reminders.

Print copies garner the most requests, but ebook copies are generally used. Review requests typically garner from 8 to 20 requests. We cannot guarantee they will review the book or the number of requests we will receive. We do not require they finish a book if it’s something they don’t like, as with any other review. We can also not require a review be posted on Amazon specifically due to Amazon’s policy, but we do imply that they post to retail sites.

You can gain some great exposure running an online event as most readers/followers interact via social media. We tailor each event to the author's or publisher's needs. If you don't see something below that works for you, email us and we'll customize an event.

$35 Bookstagram Tours
(This is for one week, Monday through Friday, one Bookstagrammer per day.)

This is a tour completely run on Instagram, one post per day from Monday through Friday for one week. The author/publisher mails print ARCs or finished copies of the book to each bookstagrammer. The bookstagrammer then takes an original picture using the book that is then posted to their Instagram account. They are given specific tags and book information to include, as well as giveaway information. They can also post a purchase link in their bio using, by request. Giveaways are provided by the author or publisher.

$20 Basic Facebook Party
(Per hour and up to four authors, additional $5 per additional author)

This is an online event that we would set up on a Facebook Event page, but the author(s) would run (all posting would be by the author(s) or publisher). Includes banner and four graphics (be it short excerpts from the book, giveaway packages, a series image, setting, or dream cast for the characters, etc.). Giveaways are provided by the author or publisher, but there should be at least one to four per party. Author(s) or publisher also draws the giveaway winners and awards prizes.

$10 Social Media Blasts

Social Media Blasts are an easy way for both authors and bloggers to promote a book or series, especially for release day or when a book is on sale. The main platforms we use are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We corroborate with the author/publisher to come up with specific tweets and Facebook/Instagram posts that include links and hashtags for bloggers to share on a specific day or during a specific time frame. These are then emailed out to our bloggers to share. No giveaway involved.


Praise for Prism Book Tours:
"With very little time before my release day, Tressa and Laura quickly stepped in. Prism Book Tours efficiently put together an amazing release day blitz for my book. I'd work with them again in a heartbeat!" Jennifer Ellision, author of the Threats of Sky and Sea series
"Prism Book Tours does a fantastic job promoting books. They take the fear out of marketing. They're easy to work with, creative, very professional, and fun. I highly recommend their services!"  Donna Hatch, award-winning author of the best-selling Rogue Hearts series 
"I have to say - the tour was absolutely a wonderful thing for me and Evie's KnightI so, so, SO appreciate all your hard work, and plan to tell every writer friend I have to hook up with Prism Book Tours when they're looking to promote their novel..I really loved how you went the extra mile to make the tour unique to my novel. By adding extra posts like art and food, we created more interest in the story, and reached a wider audience in the process. You think outside the box, and I love that!" — Kimberly Krey, author of the top-selling Sweet Montana Bride series
"I highly recommend Prism Book Tours. Laura provides you with unheard of personalized attention, constant consideration to detail, step-by-step assistance with guest posts, and specific directives for bloggers which results in wonderfully planned posts. Laura truly endeavors to provide you with a unique tour, tailored with your book in mind. Laura customizes your book tour to provide maximum exposure. Prism Book Tours is a rarity in the business!" — Taylor Dean, clean romance author
"You could look the whole world over and not find a tour hostess as enthusiastic as Laura. She brings a vibrancy and vim into her book tours that is unparalleled! I was blown away by the fun of this whole process . . . and by the care that went into constructing a truly unique tour. Laura used her broad networking to bring together a variety of bloggers to feature my newest release, but she also tied together the tour as a whole by organizing related guest posts to lead readers from one blog to another. This was a stroke of brilliance! If you are looking for a tour to bring attention to your latest novel, you will not regret signing up with Prism Book tours. It's like a party on your computer! Starflower is my fourth novel, and I have to say that I have never had so much fun with a book tour before. Nor have I seen such enthusiastic results. Sign up with Prism today. Seriously. Do it now." — Anne Elisabeth Stengl, award-winning author of the Tales of Goldstone Wood series
"Laura was incredibly professional, overly helpful and excitedly creative throughout the entire process of idea haggling and slogan juggling. She helped me stay organized by reminding me when dates were coming up and all of her hosts were amazing at getting the word around as well! Laura's enthusiasm bled over into my confidence as an author and that is something no amount of money or "blog time" can buy! Prism Book Tours's services is worth every penny I spent and I will be returning to Laura for my sequel, Gemini in Retrograde, when it is published." — Jessica O'Gorek, author of Gemini Rising: Ethereal Fury
Tressa @ Wishful Endings
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  1. It appears that you only feature fantasy, romance, and sci fi. Do you plan to expand into other genres in the future? Literary? General fiction?


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