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Tour Announcement for Asking for Trouble by Anna J. Stewart

A themed tour through Prism Book Tours.

We're announcing the BOOK TOUR for
Asking for Trouble
By Anna J. Stewart

Tour Schedule
2/16 - Launch
2/17 - Coffee Books & Art & Beppe DM Books Blog
2/18 - Mythical Books
Book N Blog
2/19 - My Life Loves and Passion
2/20 - Southern Chelle & Mary Terrani
2/22 - Babs Book Bistro
2/23 - i blog 4 books & 
Beck Valley Books
2/24 - Mommabears Book Blog
2/25 - underneath the covers
2/26 - The Written Adventure & deal sharing aunt
2/27 - Harlie's Books

3/1 - Grand Finale

Interested in joining the tour? You can sign up HERE.

Asking for Trouble (Tremayne Family, #1)Asking for Trouble
(Tremayne Family #1)
Anna J. Stewart
Adult Contemporary Romance
February 17th 2015 by Berkley InterMix

The Tremaynes are one of the most prosperous families in Lantano Valley, California. But money can’t buy everything—especially when it comes to love…

Morgan Tramayne has a heart of gold, but to keep her children’s charity afloat she’s had to resort to some less than legal means: donations from a notorious cat burglar who targets the wealthy. It’s only a matter of time before Morgan’s criminal connection blows up in her face—especially since her undeniable attraction to the man heading the investigation keeps putting her in tricky situations.

Former police detective-turned-investigator Gage Juliano has two goals: salvaging his career and nabbing Lantano Valley’s present-day Robin Hood. But when he meets a beautiful, curvaceous woman who’s more interested in helping others than amassing a fortune like the rest of the town’s residents, Gage finds his desires pulled in an unexpected direction…

Note: This novel contains some mature content.

You’ve met Anna J. Stewart (or someone like her) before. She was the girl who spun in circles on the playground hoping her Wonder Woman costume would magically appear before playing cops and robbers a la Charlie’s Angels–as Sabrina (she was the smart one). Anna was the girl in the back of the class with a paperback romance hidden in her algebra book (and yes, she failed algebra).
Growing up in the 70′s and 80′s meant there weren’t a lot of YA books, so she ventured early into mainstream fiction and read Stephen King’s CARRIE at the age of 8. Discovering Nora Roberts and romance novels early in high school opened her eyes to the wonders of storytelling and the beauty of a happily ever after.

So here she is, many years later with an English degree from CSU Sacramento, an RWA Golden Heart nomination behind her, countless stories in her head, and a serious addiction to STAR TREK, SUPERNATURAL, and SHERLOCK. She recently wrapped up a nearly 8-year stint working as assistant to NYTimes bestselling author Brenda Novak where she helped run Brenda's annual online auction for diabetes research. When she's not writing or reading (which she never has enough time for!), she's working on dollhouse miniatures and tolerating her overly-affectionate cat named Snickers (or perhaps it's Snickers who tolerates her).

Tour-Wide Giveaway

$50 Gift Card (Winner's Choice of Amazon, BN or iTunes)
Ends March 8th

Prism Book Tours
Tressa S
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Tour Announcement for After the Silence by Rula Sinara

A themed tour through Prism Book Tours.

We're announcing the BOOK TOUR for
After the Silence
By Rula Sinara

February Tour Schedule
9 - Launch
10 - The Written Adventure
11 - I Am A Reader
12 - Letters from Annie (Douglass) Lima
Rockin' Book Reviews& JoJo's Corner
13 - Mythical Books
15 - Christy's Cozy Corners & Brooke Blogs
16 - i blog 4 books
17 - WV Stitcher

18 - Katie's Clean Book Collection
19 - Savings in Seconds 
& Beppe DM Books Blog
20 - Rockin' Book Reviews
22 - Grand Finale

Interested in joining the tour? You can sign up HERE.

After the Silence
Rula Sinara
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback, 368 pages
March 1st 2015 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Does following her passion mean losing her way?

Marine Ben Corallis is an expert at facing death, but nothing comes close to the terror that grounds him when his wife is killed in a car accident the day he returns from duty. He's left to raise an infant, a toddler and a ten-year-old girl who hasn't uttered a word since her mother's death.

It's hard not to care for the widowed marine with three young children. Yet he's still grieving, too burdened with guilt to fall in love again. And Hope Alwanga's future as a doctor awaits her on the other side of the world, in Nairobi. If two such opposites can't agree on a common country, how can they ever create a safe place to call home?

About Book One in the Series
(Each can be read as a standalone.)

The Promise of Rain (Book 1)The Promise of Rain
Rula Sinara
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback, 384 pages
January 1st 2014 by Harlequin Heartwarming

He wants to take her child out of Africa...

The Busara elephant research and rescue camp on Kenya's Serengeti is Anna Bekker's life's work. And it's the last place she thought she'd run into Dr. Jackson Harper. As soon as he sets eyes on her four-year-old, Pippa, Anna knows he'll never leave...without his daughter.

Furious doesn't begin to describe how Jack feels. How could Anna keep this from him? He has to get his child back to the States. Yet as angry as he is with Anna, they still have a bond. But can it endure, despite the ocean--and the little girl--between them?

Rula Sinara
Rula Sinara lives in Virginia’s countryside with her husband, three boys and zany but endearing pets. When she's not writing or doing mom stuff, she loves organic gardening, attracting wildlife to her yard (cool bugs included) or watching romantic movies. She also enjoys interviewing fellow authors and is a Special Contributor for USA Today's Happy Ever After blog. Her door is always open at her website and blog.

Tour-Wide Giveaway

Gift Card Prize Pack: $100 Amazon Gift Card and ebooks of The Promise of Rain and After the Silence (open internationally)
US Prize Pack: Paperbacks of The Promise of Rain and After the Silence
3 ebook of After the Silence (open internationally)
Ends March 1st

Prism Book Tours
Tressa S
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It's the GRAND FINALE for Parched by Georgia Clark!

A themed tour with Prism Book Tours.

We're blitzing the GRAND FINALE for
By Georgia Clark

Robots, renewable resources, and romance get tangled together in this thrilling 
futuristic adventure novel about a utopian city struggling to keep its peace.

Did you miss any of this tour? Go back and check out what you missed...

Launch - More About the Author and Parched
What do you hope readers take with them when they read your book?
Parched is about a girl who joins a rebel underground group to fight for what she believes in. I hope this book inspires readers to do the same.

Hope To Read - Tech Speak: The New Technologies of Parched
One of the most fun parts of writing a sci-fi is getting to invent cool new technologies. Here’s a few of my favorites from my new novel Parched, and where their inspiration came from.

Book N Blog - Review
"Parched by Georgia Clark was an enjoyable and interesting read that gets you thinking about big brother, world domination and what will happen when AI becomes a reality."

Kelly P's Blog - Interview
Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
Ooh, hard question. I love them all!

Coffee Books & Art - Interview
Did you do any kind of research to determine the details of your characters lives / lifestyles?
I did a ridiculous amount of research! I interviewed experts I tracked down online, subscribed science-y magazines, read articles, listened to podcasts. A lot of podcasts, specifically, Robots and Singularity 1 on 1.

"This book was intense. There was always something happening and I felt that if I blinked I was going to miss something. . . . Parched was dynamic, mind boggling, and just outright good. It is definitely worth the read."

The Written Adventure - Interview
Where did you get the idea for Tess?
Tess is a combination of me, some of my friends, and other YA heroines. I love creating spunky female characters who are brave, but flawed, who are active, emotional but not just boy-crazy. Tess is not a girly-girl, and neither am I.

Mel's Shelves - Review
"There were some twists, turns and surprising revelations and Tess needed to figure out who she could trust. Once I got involved, I had to keep reading to find out what would happen next. If you enjoy dystopian Sci-Fi, this is a book you will want to check out!"

I Am A Reader - Introduction to the world of Parched
Welcome to the world of Parched: a rollercoaster ride of robots, rebels and romance, of secrets, impossible choices, and a fight for freedom, all in a domed city and a sprawling desert…

"Upon starting to read it, I found that I just kept wanting to read and read and read. Nothing could distract me from wanting to find out what was going to happen to Tess next."

"I'm quite impressed by this book. . . . I was suddenly spending my last hours awake reading it."

Colorimetry - Three lady memoirs I’m loving
How To Be A Woman, by Caitlin Moran
Warning: Do not start listening to this book unless you’re prepared to have your internal monologue hi-jacked by a Brit. It’s driving me literally balmy! It’s a testament to Caitlin’s distinctive voice as a writer that I’m able to channel her so successfully.

"Even though I am not a huge fan of robots, I felt like this was such a good story. Plus how many sci fi/YA/romance stories are out there that are this awesome!"

100 Pages A Day - Recommended YA Reads
Having to select your favorite books is like having to select your favourite cake: impossible! They’re all so good! But I bit the bullet and tried to whittle them down. Best enjoyed over a slice of salted caramel something…

"Parched is exactly what I expected and nothing like I expected. You will enter a world of robots, choices, and the chance to do what is right no matter the cost. It is true to the YA Dysotopian genre but with a spin all it’s own."

Literally Jen - Review
"After I finished reading Parched, all I could think was “wow.” There is so much to take in here, between the richly thought-out world, the customs of each society, and the intricate relationships between all of the characters."

Lilac Reviews - Meet Tessendra "Tess" Rockwood with Dream Cast
Following her mother’s murder, Tess fled her safe and easy life in the domed city of Eden to spend an aimless year in the rough ‘n’ ready Badlands. Here she changed her name, taught herself the local dialect Malspeak, and learned to hunt, protect herself and survive on her own.

Wishful Endings - Meet Hunter Adams with Dream Cast
Tess is first introduced to Hunter when she returns to her home of Eden—a lush, technically advanced and socially conscious city that thrives under a clear dome—after spending a year in the rough ‘n’ ready Badlands. He’s her uncle’s teaching assistant, socially awkward if thoughtful: ‘his curious, darting eyes seem to exude intelligence’.

"I just finished reading Parched and I liked it very much. Anyone who loves to read about a future world with robots and some romance mixed in will like this book. I thought the storyline was good and I liked the action."

Beck Valley Books - Interview
Can you tell me more about the book beyond what it listed on the back cover and what inspired you to write it?
I grew up watching great sci-fi movies like Bladerunner and Star Wars and have always been attracted to the genre: equal parts exciting/fun and thoughtful/insightful. I loved The Hunger Games and felt inspired to write something of that ilk: a young girl in a brave new world, fighting for what she believes in.

by Georgia Clark
YA Romantic Sci-Fi
Hardcover, 312 Pages
March 14th 2014 by Holiday House

Sixteen-year-old Tess lived in Eden, a seemingly idyllic, domed city where access to information and water is regulated by the governing Trust. After a rogue robot killed her scientist mother, Tess fled with a terrible secret to the desperate, arid Badlands, where she’s recruited by Kudzu, explained to her as a “nonviolent collective working to undermine the Trust and free the Badlands.” Learning Kudzu plans to destroy Aevum, the Trust’s latest advanced robot, Tess reluctantly returns to Eden, where she finds the luxurious life morally unconscionable and secretly trains with Kudzu. Living with her uncle, who’s involved with Aevum, Tess is strangely attracted to his sympathetic assistant, Hunter. During a Kudzu raid on the Trust’s lab, Tess discovers that Aevum will be used to eradicate all inhabitants of the Badlands—and that Hunter’s not what he seems to be.

Tess’ first-person, present-tense voice lends chilling immediacy to her no-nonsense story of mixed loyalty, disturbing secrets, and ethical dilemmas associated with diminishing natural resources and scientific experimentation.

Amazon - Barnes and Noble - Indie Bound

Georgia Clark is an Australian writer and performer based in Brooklyn. She is the author of the young adult novels SHE’S WITH THE BAND (Allen & Unwin) and sci-fi/romance PARCHED (Holiday House). Widely published online and in print. Won some awards/grants/residencies. Has a play on at the NY Fringe festival. Pretty keen on cheese plates. 

Tour-Wide Giveaway

$20 Amazon Gift Card (INT)
Signed copy of Parched (US only)
Ends January 25th

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prism Book Tours
Tressa S
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Announcing the Tour for Dearest by Alethea Kontis!

A themed tour with Prism Book Tours.

We're announcing the BOOK TOUR for
By Alethea Kontis

February Tour Schedule
1 - Launch
2 - Lilac Reviews
3 - Special post @ Waterworld Mermaids

3 - Coffee Books & Art & The Book Lovers' Lounge
4 - Special post @ USA Today's Happy Ever After

4 - Buried Under BooksMommabears Book Blog, & Rabid Reads
5 - Interview @ J.T. Ellison

5 - Gidget Girls Reading
6 - Zerina Blossom & Geo Librarian
8 - Welcome to Book City
9 - Kelly P's Blog & Katy's Krazy Books
10 - Mel's Shelves & Jan Edwards
11 - Katie's Clean Book Collection
12 - A Backwards Story 
Wishful Endings
13 - Library of a Book Witch & The Quotable
14 - 
Biggest Literary Crushes post on Teen Reads
15 - The Written Adventure
16 - My Life Loves and Passion & Colorimetry
17 - I Am A Reader & The Library of the Seen

18 - Special post on Dear Teen Me
18 - Printcess & Living a Goddess Life & Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf
19 - 100 Pages A Day & mrsjennyreads
20 - Books and Ashes & Addicted Readers
22 - Miss Little Book Addict YA House of Books
23 - SBM Book Obsession
24 - Deal Sharing Aunt
25 - Min Reads and Reviews
26 - Pieces of Whimsy & Wonderous Reviews
27 - The Scribbling Sprite
28 - Grand Finale

Dearest (Woodcutter Sisters, #3)Dearest
(Woodcutter Sisters, #3)
by Alethea Kontis
YA Fantasy
Hardcover & ebook, 320 Pages
February 3rd 2015 by HMH Books for Young Readers

“A fabulous fairy-tale mashup that deserves hordes of avid readers. Absolutely delectable.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review of award-winning series debut Enchanted

Readers met the Woodcutter sisters (named after the days of the week) in Enchanted and Hero. In this delightful third book, Alethea Kontis weaves together some fine-feathered fairy tales to focus on Friday Woodcutter, the kind and loving seamstress. When Friday stumbles upon seven sleeping brothers in her sister Sunday’s palace, she takes one look at Tristan and knows he’s her future. But the brothers are cursed to be swans by day. Can Friday’s unique magic somehow break the spell?

(Woodcutter Sisters, #1)
by Alethea Kontis
YA Fantasy
Hardcover & ebook, 308 Pages
May 8th 2012 by Harcourt Children's Books

It isn't easy being the rather overlooked and unhappy youngest sibling to sisters named for the other six days of the week. Sunday’s only comfort is writing stories, although what she writes has a terrible tendency to come true.

When Sunday meets an enchanted frog who asks about her stories, the two become friends. Soon that friendship deepens into something magical. One night Sunday kisses her frog goodbye and leaves, not realizing that her love has transformed him back into Rumbold, the crown prince of Arilland—and a man Sunday’s family despises.

The prince returns to his castle, intent on making Sunday fall in love with him as the man he is, not the frog he was. But Sunday is not so easy to woo. How can she feel such a strange, strong attraction for this prince she barely knows? And what twisted secrets lie hidden in his past - and hers?

Hero (Woodcutter Sisters #2)
(Woodcutter Sisters, #2)
by Alethea Kontis
YA Fantasy
Hardcover & ebook, 304 Pages
October 1st 2013 by Harcourt Books

Rough and tumble Saturday Woodcutter thinks she's the only one of her sisters without any magic—until the day she accidentally conjures an ocean in the backyard. With her sword in tow, Saturday sets sail on a pirate ship, only to find herself kidnapped and whisked off to the top of the world.

Is Saturday powerful enough to kill the mountain witch who holds her captive and save the world from sure destruction? And, as she wonders grumpily, "Did romance have to be part of the adventure?"

As in Enchanted, readers will revel in the fragments of fairy tales that embellish this action-packed story of adventure and, yes, romance.

Alethea Kontis courtesy of Lumos Studio 2012
New York Times bestselling author Alethea Kontis is a princess, a fairy godmother, and a geek. She’s known for screwing up the alphabet, scolding vampire hunters, and ranting about fairy tales on YouTube.

Her published works include: The Wonderland Alphabet (with Janet K. Lee), Diary of a Mad Scientist Garden Gnome (with Janet K. Lee), the AlphaOops series (with Bob Kolar), the Woodcutter Sisters fairy tale series, and The Dark-Hunter Companion (with Sherrilyn Kenyon). Her short fiction, essays, and poetry have appeared in a myriad of anthologies and magazines.

Her YA fairy tale novel, Enchanted, won the Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award in 2012 and the Garden State Teen Book Award i 2015. Enchanted was nominated for the Audie Award in 2013, and was selected for World Book Night in 2014. Both Enchanted and its sequel, Hero, were nominated for the Andre Norton Award.

Born in Burlington, Vermont, Alethea currently lives and writes in Florida, on the Space Coast. She makes the best baklava you’ve ever tasted and sleeps with a teddy bear named Charlie.

Tour-Wide Giveaway

Grand Prize Pack (US Only)
Set of the Woodcutter Sisters Series (US/CAN Only)
Ends March 8th

Prism Book Tours
Tressa S
Share :

The Prism Tour

Coordinate with like-minded authors!  Great for publicists and small publishers, great for Indie Authors and creative marketing, or really everyone! 

Prism Tour: 
Each tour day consists of an author guest post for their book(s) on one big blog

 - Costs $30 per Author (per day) - 3 minimum for a  Prism Tour.
 - Up to 10 authors/days per Tour
 - Each post is shared on one confirmed larger blog with 1,000+ followers
Bloggers scroll down!!
 - One, tour-wide, joint giveaway using Rafflecopter, every participating author contributes*.
 - Content provided by participating authors
 - Each Prism Tour includes a Grand Finale Blitz** shared in html format with 10+ blogs

Publishers & Publicists

Showcase your books and receive daily exposure!

YOU coordinate the authors/books you represent:  Each author contributes $30 to participate. Each can share related guest post content for a cohesive tour. Each stop will have your publishing logo and links. Plus, we will add your social media on the rafflecopter giveaway!

To coordinate an entire Prism Tour:  Email with Prism Tour in the subject line or sign up in the form below.


Looking for an insanely great deal to promote your book? You can't beat $30!  

We will help you coordinate with other authors based on your preferences. You let us know how we can help, answering a questionnaire, and we will connect you with other like-minded authors per your approval. 

You will provide the content for your day's post and something for a joint giveaway*. We will coordinate with blogs over 1,000 followers and create a Grand Finale Blast. Your book will be highlighted during the entire tour including the Grand Finale Blitz** for only $30!

* Joint Giveaway ideas:

 - Books!  Print books (with mailing restrictions specified) and eBooks are best!
 - $$   Pitch in together for a Gift Card or Paypal Cash giveaway. Even $5 or $10 each will increase the buzz on social media to attract more attention to your Triple Tour.
 - Swag!  We book lovers trip over each other to collect book swag and signed stuff.
 - Creative Other Ideas - Are you kidding me?!  Every idea outside of the box is HOT!

** Grand Finale Blitz

At the end of every tour, we create a post including direct links and quotes from every stop on the tour and share the post (with the tour-wide giveaway) with multiple bloggers in html format to post with us. Every blogger who posts receives Rafflecopter space (Twitter or Facebook) in exchange for them sharing.

Interested?  Start here:


Everyone is welcome to share a Prism Tour Grand Finale Blitz with us - for Rafflecopter space (Twitter or Facebook)! :-) Read on to sign up as a blogger who posts the material that goes into the Grand Finale...

This is the Tour that says "Thank you" with a Gift Card! :-D  A portion of each authors' contribution is shared with participating blogs (Currently $5 subject to change without notice). To qualify, you must have over 1,000 followers (in one place, be it GFC, Bloglovin', Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc.) By signing up, you agree to create a blog post with the provided promotional materials and share on social media outlets. 

Prism Tour participation is BY INVITE. If you are interested in posting on a Prism Tour, sign up to receive email invitations here:

Thank you!

Tressa S
Share :

We're Launching the Tour for PARCHED by GEORGIA CLARK!

A themed tour with Prism Book Tours.

By Georgia Clark

Robots, renewable resources, and romance get tangled together in this thrilling futuristic adventure novel about a utopian city struggling to keep its peace.

January Tour Schedule

More About the Author and Parched

1. What is your motivation behind Parched? Why did you want to write it?

I suppose most writers answer this question with something like, ‘X was a deeply personal story I just had to write’ or ‘Y is an important topic more people should be taking about’. But here is the truth: I wrote Parched because I was unemployed and didn’t have a lot of friends. It was 2010, I had just moved to New York from Sydney with all the bright-eyed optimism of a pilgrim. Getting a great job, finding a lovely apartment with lots of natural light and making some good friends would be a piece of cake, I thought. Cut to me, one year later, living in a rickety Williamsburg apartment with part-time nudists and full-time cat hair, writing this book because I have two friends, and both of them are nudists. I distracted myself from this by writing a great, big action-adventure story with equal parts action, romance, and drama. I also wanted an excuse to explore the ethics of artificial intelligence and alternative economic systems, because, quite frankly, ethics of artificial intelligence and alternative economic systems are important topics more people should be taking about.

2. What do you hope readers take with them when they read your book?

An umbrella, enough change for a taxi, and if you’re wearing shoes with heels, a pair of flats that fold up. If you mean this question less literally, then I’d say, Parched is about a girl who joins a rebel underground group to fight for what she believes in. I hope this book inspires readers to do the same. Either join an actual rebel underground group and let me know when your meetings are, or find people who are passionate about what you’re passionate about, and make something together.

3. Do you have a favorite scene?

In my book, I like the scene in Part Two where Tess and Hunter talk in the florist. It’s tense and sexy and dramatic. In someone else’s book, I love the scene where Katniss first enters the arena. It was so exciting, I was practically frothing at the mouth.

4. Share something about you that is unique - maybe about how/where you write... or favorite snack foods?

As I was writing this novel, I was reading it aloud to my mum over Skype. I live in Brooklyn and she lives in a tiny beach town in Australia. Not only was it good for me to read it aloud to hear how everything was working, but Mum’s a very enthusiastic audience. Whenever I asked if there was anything I should change, she’d reply in a bewildered voice, ‘No! It’s just so good!’ and I’d smile smugly and pour myself a glass of wine.

Georgia is gearing up to teach a short, online writing class about writing sci-fi through a Lit Reactor course. Want to go check it out and join? Go HERE! Begins January 14th.

by Georgia Clark
YA Romantic Sci-Fi
Hardcover, 312 Pages
March 14th 2014 by Holiday House

"A gutsy teen living on an arid, depleted Earth two centuries in the future faces danger and shocking revelations when she covertly joins a subversive group.

Sixteen-year-old Tess lived in Eden, a seemingly idyllic, domed city where access to information and water is regulated by the governing Trust. After a rogue robot killed her scientist mother, Tess fled with a terrible secret to the desperate, arid Badlands, where she’s recruited by Kudzu, explained to her as a “nonviolent collective working to undermine the Trust and free the Badlands.” Learning Kudzu plans to destroy Aevum, the Trust’s latest advanced robot, Tess reluctantly returns to Eden, where she finds the luxurious life morally unconscionable and secretly trains with Kudzu. Living with her uncle, who’s involved with Aevum, Tess is strangely attracted to his sympathetic assistant, Hunter. During a Kudzu raid on the Trust’s lab, Tess discovers that Aevum will be used to eradicate all inhabitants of the Badlands—and that Hunter’s not what he seems to be.

Tess’ first-person, present-tense voice lends chilling immediacy to her no-nonsense story of mixed loyalty, disturbing secrets, and ethical dilemmas associated with diminishing natural resources and scientific experimentation.

Bold futurist adventure with unusual romance, riveting action and ominous ecological red flags." —Kirkus Reviews

Georgia Clark is an award-winning Australian author and performer currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

While allegedly studying a BA in Communications (Media Arts & Production) at the University of technology, Sydney, she instead became an activist in the student movement and spent too much money making terrible short films.

After graduating, she became a professional hipster as Editor of The Brag, a free, weekly music magazine. This lead to her starting a band, the not-at-all seminal electro pop trio, Dead Dead Girls. This experience formed the basis of her first novel, SHE’S WITH THE BAND, published by Australia’s largest independent publisher, Allen & Unwin in 2008. SHE’S WITH THE BAND was distributed in the U.S. and the U.K. in 2011 and attracted five-star reviews.
In 2007, Georgia won a national pitching competition at SPAA, the Screen Producer Association’s annual conference, for Starts At Sunset, a one-hour drama/comedy about vampires who play in a band.

Georgia has worked as an acclaimed freelance teen and lifestyle journalist for over ten years. She is published in Girl’s Life, Cosmo, CLEO, Daily Life, Sunday Life and more. She has worked as the acting Features Editor and senior contributor for Australia’s number one teen magazine, Girlfriend. She has also attended writers’ residencies in Martha’s Vineyard, California and Portugal, and received grants for her work.

Georgia moved to New York from Sydney in 2009. Here, she performs improv comedy and writes from the New York Writers Room, which involves eating macaroons and drinking many, many cups of tea. A play she co-wrote and performs in, PICKLES & HARGRAVES, AND THE CURSE OF THE TANZANIAN GLIMMERFISH, will be on in the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival.

Tour-Wide Giveaway

$20 Amazon Gift Card (INT)
Signed copy of Parched (US only)
Ends January 25th

Prism Book Tours
Tressa S
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Get to Know Your Prism Book Tours Hosts: Laura & Tressa

So, Laura asked me (Tressa) a while back to write up an intro of myself for Prism. I was thinking, so boring. Then we talked about how I had wanted to interview her on my blog and we never got to it, so I forwarded questions to her. I thought, Why not have us both answer questions? Could be fun, right, to see what we say about the same things?

Thus, you have this nice and fun post where you get to delve into what we think and our preferences more, and hopefully get to know us a little better in the process. We had to answer these before seeing each other's answers. Ha!

Green is Tressa's favorite color, so her comments are in green. Laura's seems to be purple or maybe burgandy is a better guess (is that right, Laura?) and her comments are in purple. :)

What?  Purple is very nice, but... this is not one of The Questions, so you'll never know. Muahahahaha...

I think I've figured it out now. Hee hee. :)

What?!  From discussing this new Prism look YOU CREATED?!  :-D  I do love it.

How long have you been blogging?

Forever. If I lived before blogging, I don't remember it. Or 2.43 yrs.

It's like getting married. What was single life like, again? ;)

Since February of 2013, so I’m just coming up on my year mark. I can’t believe how well everything is going and how much I am loving it! My followers, other bloggers, and authors make all the hours I spend worth it.

I don't have any snapshots of me and the hubby, so this will have to do - from 2012.

Why did you start blogging?

Because I love reading and sharing the books I love with others. It also challenges me and is something I do just for me, not for my kids or my husband or anyone else. I think we all need something that we do just for ourselves. :)

Nice!  Me?  To write my book. I wanted to know what the world of books was like so I could be successful. I've gotten a tad sidetracked with the wonderful world of books.

Laura with awesome husband
Yes. I do want to read it when you do write it. I think it will be marvelous!

Why did you decide to start organizing book tours?

Ah... I enjoy marketing and I was not content posting awesome things on my blog. I wanted to help authors more and I wanted to help bloggers more... and the more I try to help authors and bloggers, the more crazy ideas I get... and way leads on to way...

Laura in her Happy Place
They are awesome! Your ideas and creativity amaze me. Over and over, again.

I had started toying with the idea of doing tours last summer. Just like I love reading, I also love promoting books and authors I love. I want others to know about them and pick up those books! Organizing tours allows me to do this. I can email my favorite authors and offer to organize a tour because I loved their book. I think there is a difference in a tour when the tour host can be enthusiastic about what’s being promoted.

Tressa and the kids looking at Christmas lights

Did you grow up reading and loving it or did a love for reading come later?

*snort* Are you kidding me? I was born with, um, ink for blood. (That's in my book, btw.) I had to give a speech on "Where did you go during summer vacation?" and gave it on Narnia 'cause I read all summer.

My dad bought me an old library when I was 10 (an entire library collection!!) and I still have my copies of  Robin Hood and Knights of the Round Table.

From the shelf... Robin Hood & Knights of the Round Table
plus the Narnia collection Dad read me
And some other "old" books from that library.
Finding other book lovers online was like discovering heaven on earth for me. Finding "grown ups" that read Young Adult? Ha! Like having blue hair and discovering a bunch of other people who have blue hair, too! "We're the same!!"

Lol! Love it! Those are all seriously awesome books and I love this pic of your old books! Those are the best! I read on a Goodreads discussion lately about an author asking how you teach youth things through YA books and I was thinking to myself...Umm. They're not all youth.

I have always loved reading, always! I think it helped that my parents always read to us and then even after I could read on my own, they continued to do so or we would all read a book together. That Redwall series? My dad read that to my brother and I, well at least the first four books or so. We also read Scottish Chiefs, Kidnapped, and many others together. I have fond memories even when I was a teen of sitting in our living room and listening to my dad read. Yep. I’ve got an awesome dad (and mom)! :)

Redwall (Redwall, #1) The Scottish Chiefs (Scribner's Illustrated Classics) Kidnapped

Ha! That is awesome. My dad read the Narnia series to me. Dads who read to their kids totally ROCK!!!

What is your favorite genre to read?

This is actually a hard question for me. I read mainly in the YA genre, but if you had me tally up all my favorite books and put them into genres to see which one pulled ahead, I don’t know how my favorites would tally up. It would probably be YA because I read the most books in that area, but I love a lot of Classical Literature, Christian Romance, clean Adult Romance, and LDS Romance as well.

Maybe I should say that Romance and books with clean content are my favorites. As long as there is a little romance (doesn’t have to be the focus) and it’s a fairly clean (little to no swearing or sex) book, then I’m happy. I have such wide tastes: Contemporary, Historical, Dystopian, Fantasy, SciFi, Urban Fantasy....What else is there? Pretty much I love everything, except for maybe books in verse and I really don't care for horror and thrillers.

Um... me, too. I have wide tastes, too.  My favorite, though... Young Adult. Paranormal. I read the Bible and believe it, so I have to go with paranormal. It makes more sense.

I had an argument in a Freshman Bible class in college about a story in the Bible being real (I said yes, he said no).... YA Paranormal is a fabulous genre! =D

You got in a fight?!  Do tell, Tressa!!!  Lol.

It was really just a difference of opinion. We were talking about a story in the Bible and my opinion was that it really happened and the other guy said that it was just symbolic (keep in mind I was attending a private religious denomination school and we were all required to take this class). We went back and forth and the teacher ended up summarizing his lecture five minutes before class was over. We both probably sounded pretty much like know-it-all's. One of my friends (a guy) asked me after class if he needed to go beat the other guy up. Totally cracked me up and took away the tension. I'm not quite so intense these days about most things...

What are three of your all-time favorite books?

You want to know my fav book of the Bible, right? Since I brought it up? Psalms. (Then Philippians, Revelation, Hebrews, James. In that order.)


Robin McKinley was my first love. She's still alive and blogging (!!) so that's weird to say. I loved The Blue Sword first & best b/c Harry is transported out of her culture into another and she embraces it. (Plus I'm getting a signed copy with a doodly-doodle by Robin herself of these days!!)

Holy Bible: King James Version The Blue Sword (Damar, #1) Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)

I can't believe you picked The Blue Sword too!!! It's the best book and I love the characters, Harry and Corlath! I am very jealous of your soon-to-be copy. Very! I've read pretty much all her books.

Only one more? Argh... Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. I love the flavor and easy-reading of Marissa's writing. PLUS I listened to this book on audio and it turned into a family affair - I found a fun way to connect to my 13 yr old son. :-) And THEN you got me a signed copy to have and hold on my bookshelf. How could I not LOVE this book?!

Great choice! :)

You're turn!!

Why did I decide that Laura and I should only list three??? I have so many! Maybe I’ll pick the ones that I have re-read the most, which are:
1. Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson      I'm getting it now.
2. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen               Yeah!!
3. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens      Seriously? Then I'm going with The Taming of the Shrew. :-)
4. The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley        No way!!
5. Crown Duel/Court Duel by Sherwood Smith              Me, too!!!
6. Cinder, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, and Graceling tie for the last spot

Edenbrooke Pride and Prejudice David Copperfield The Blue Sword (Damar, #1)
Crown Duel (Crown & Court #1-2) Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1) The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)

Umm. Definitely not just three. :)

Wait. You're the one who created these interview questions and I stuck with three. So not fair.

I know. I totally cheated. Twice. See below.

Based on this list, I picked up Edenbrooke and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. :-D What a great favorite list!!  I absolutely loved both of them. Reviews pending...

No really. I'll get these reviews posted. I will.

What are three of your favorite books from last year?

:-D The Bitter Kingdom, Charming, Shadows - I choose these three because I loved every. single. line. Each was so magical and multi-layered and full of so much flavor.

Shadows Charming (Pax Arcana, #1) The Bitter Kingdom (Fire and Thorns, #3)

Shadows is the one Robin McKinley I have not read, but is high on my list. We talked about Charming and I'm still planning on reading it. I read The Bitter Kingdom. Definitely the best of that series!

Again, only three? I’ve decided I can limit it to five (in no particular order):
1. Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay (So, so good, you guys! I can’t say that enough. If you like Contemporary Fiction (with a little romance), read it!)
2. Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo - Laura, I think you'd love this series!!!
3. Blackmore by Julianne Donaldson
4. After Hello by Lisa Mangum
5. Across a Star-Swept Sea by Diana Peterfreund  - Laura, I think you'd love this one too!

Dear Mr. Knightley Siege and Storm (The Grisha, #2) Blackmoore
After Hello Across a Star-Swept Sea (For Darkness Shows the Stars, #2)

Seriously, what happened with THREE?!  I haven't read any of these. I like the way you think... I'm on it. Thanks for the recommendations!!  :-D

"Have Party, Will Travel" Laura & Fam
What’s your favorite thing to do (besides reading)?

My very favorite thing to do is talk with my husband. My household is a ball of energy - we say "we bring the party everywhere we go", which is true. But my favorite thing is sitting outside when it's nice (I'm in Oregon. "Nice" is a big deal.) - like in my honey's shop or on the back stairs - and talking. Usually about crazy ideas, of course, but still... it's peaceful and energizing. 

Next, I enjoy doing stuff with my kids.

I write a lot. I write emotionally. It's the best way for me to understand how I feel and how to express how I feel.

I also try new things. All the time. My newest is crocheting. It looked like fun.

I would love to learn to crochet. I have been meaning to pick it up.

Tressa's Family Picture

I never really do my other hobbies, except once in a while and then I’m like a crazy woman while I finish a project. I have way too many hobbies, my husband would say. I love to cook, garden, play with the kids, hang out with family and friends, and make crafty things.

What is something unique about you that we may not know?

Hmm. I was a Political Science major in college and my favorite sport to play is racquetball.

No way. Wouldn't have guessed!!  Way cool!!

I have experienced so many amazing things, I treasure moments: Buying an ice cream and turning to see the Red Square laid out so big, it looked like the paving stones curved with the world; driving through the desert and making a spontaneous stop to jump in a well-water pila to cool off with 8 unbelieving high schoolers; sleeping just down the hallway from a stairway that curled up to real live castle turret for five months.

I guess I like story moments. :-D

See these amaze me! I didn't do enough traveling before kids, but we plan to do plenty as they get older and we can escape and go experience other cultures.

Why do you like working together on tours?

You first!

Well, because Laura is just awesome! Really. I love how creative her ideas are and how well her humor and personality come across in everything she does. Who else does the awesome themed tours that Prism Book Tours does? No one. There is a lot of work done in the background, of course, but I think it’s worth it. We also have similar tastes and expectations in a lot of ways, even if we go about doing things differently. Tours can get a little hairy sometimes, I’ve learned, and Laura can always crack me up exactly when I need a good laugh and make it all worth it.

:-D  Thank you!!!!  Lol.

Ok, Tressa... let me count the ways! *Snort*

* You're organized. PHEW!
* You remind me of obligations I forget. Multiple times. PHEW!
* You make sense.
* You're kind.
* You're even more conservative on content than I am.    0.o
* You are meticulous.
* I like your reviews.
* I really like your blog posts.
* You don't take offense when I'm (very) blunt.
* You have good taste in books. :-)
* You do sarcasm. PHEW!
* You keep dodging the spotlight. You better answer these interview questions, too!
* You email for fun.       And take all of your and my time! Lol!
* I can feel your real life behind your words.
* You make Prism better for being a part of it.

Ah, shucks. I try to be organized - doesn't always work. I am conservative on content, most of the time. I'm definitely sarcastic, like half of the time. ;)

Hey, that was fun!!  Good idea, Tressa!!  It was. =D

Tressa S
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